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Food Business Incubation International


Welcome to the Association of Food Business Incubation International, a leading Global Cluster organization created to represent global organizations, governments and entrepreneurs within the food-agriculture value chain.

Growing the agriculture bio-economy and the factors around food safety, R&D and technology will generate huge environmental benefits, as well as, to provide opportunities for development with value-added products and to open new pathways for economic growth.

* Designed to connect professionals within all aspects of business specializing in agriculture and food.

* A members only communication portal to connect, share information, discuss issues and ideas, network,

and advertise successes.

* Current news and information along with a discussion forum to harness ideas and advice from all members.



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Click here to learn more about what the association has to offer, why membership is right for you, and how easy it is to join our cluster community of food businesses, incubators, governments, academia, industry experts and community and corporate partners.

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As a Partner of Food Business Incubation International, share articles, news, information important to members/clients and contribute to the success stories which demonstrate the value of clusters and which incubators, industry experts, governments, community partners and corporations can provide. Be part of the change. Help others to learn and enhance their abilities to facilitate new business starts and grow the food industry in your area with other leading Consultants and experts.

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