About Food Business Incubation International

Food Business Incubation International (FBII) is a leading Canadian not for profit created to represent global organizations, governments and entrepreneurs within the agriculture value chain through cluster networks on a world-wide scale.

By creating global opportunities where companies, academia, and the other organizations within clusters can meet, exchange ideas and collaborate, the innovation climate can be advanced significantly.

As a leading Global Cluster organization, FBII will be able to:


  • Open doors and create access to markets by providing industry-wide branding, promotion and advertising for buyers domestically and internationally


  • Facilitate industry-led activities aimed at developing international markets


  • Assist companies to understand and implement food safety and traceability systems with technical training opportunities and trade seminars


  • Market attribute/quality standards, as well as, provide information and tools to capitalize on market opportunities.


All activities will be aimed at increasing imports, exports and increasing domestic market share.

Since its founding, FBII has dedicated itself to providing its clients with market-leading executive management consulting and advisory services, performed in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

By consistently delivering sophisticated and innovative solutions to the challenging and complex issues that impact enterprise value, FBII has earned its reputation as a premier firm.

We offer the benefits of these skills to our clients and provide both strategic and tactical implementation services to address our client’s current needs and their future plans for expansion, growth and profitability.


Providing resources to assist FBII members in creating and managing effective and sustainable programs which support business competitiveness, innovation and job creation in communities and to keep abreast of developments in industry best practices and to promote their implementation.


Accelerate the effectiveness of food – agriculture organizations and entrepreneurs to increase the capacity and competitiveness of local industries by sharing experiences, expanding and integrating knowledge with an established interactive community of support.


FBII is a federally registered not-for-profit who recognizes the special needs of this bioeconomy and works together with other organizations, partners and our global members, wherever possible to address these needs by creating a cluster of support systems.

Agri-tech. Food. Community. Growth.

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