Membership with FBII

FBII provides resources to members in creating and managing effective and sustainable programs within clusters which support business competitiveness, innovation and job creation in communities.

To keep abreast of developments in industry best practices and to promote their implementation and to share information about Government resources, initiatives, and programs with members and their companies.

FBII offers its members assistance by increasing the number of meaningful contacts in business and professional communities both locally and abroad within global clusters which assists to create employment domestically and helps to navigate new domestic and international markets, and increase local companies’ revenues which in turn, drive the world economy. Members are dedicated to creating employment and economic growth in Agriculture through the development of successful businesses supported by the various programs throughout the world

FBII also works with various countries  and Canada through start-up to start-up exchanges for our members to participate

FBII members have access to a global library on export/import rules and regulations; food security efforts by country; immediate access experts on various countries bio-economy activities; able to support soft landing partnerships; information on importing products for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs benefit from having access to international clusters, industry associations and key stakeholders and can also take advantage of a strong, well-developed investment ecosystem that has access to angel investment, public funding and venture capital and Soft Landing opportunities

Benefits of Membership

Our Community

The FBII community is an important resource for a number of different reasons. When becoming a member, you are given a “members page” where important information about your product/service/organization is highlighted along with where you fit within this cluster community.


News and Events

Articles of interest to food businesses and food business incubators will be posted regularly.  In addition, there will be a section listing many upcoming events, conferences, webinars, information sessions, meetings and symposiums.


The FBII is a community-based lead cluster association, with our members being our most important value. The association brings together all those interested in building and growing the agriculture and the food industry around the world.

Agri-tech. Food. Community. Growth.

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