Founded in 2001, Berytech is a leading organization located in Lebanon focused on the Entrepreneurial Eco-system developing start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through incubation, business support, networking, mentoring, funding, access to markets, and company hosting. We had a chat with Ramy Boujwadeh, the Deputy General Manager at Berytech.


Q: Good Morning. This is Ramy Boujwadeh. Tell us a bit about yourself and the Incubator that you run?


Ramy: Good morning, my name is Ramy Boujwadeh and I’m from BeryTech. It’s an Eco-system of support for entrepreneurs in Lebanon, in the Middle East. We recently launched Agri-tech. It’s a program to support innovative Agri-food startups in Lebanon for the region. We’re looking at innovative solutions for farm to fork in engineering and technology to upgrade and improve the sector and the food security in the region.





Q: As an organization like ours, a cluster organization supporting Agri-tech and Agriculture, why do you think that’s important to organizations?


Ramy: We believe that nobody alone can do an excellent job, so I think that being a part of a community connecting with experts worldwide, in North America and anywhere across the globe will definitely help. We currently have partnerships with supporters from the Netherlands, because the program is supported by the Netherlands, but we are looking happily to have connections with North America, Canada and other parts of the world where we can collaborate and exchange knowledge and maybe expand to other places where that can help our community.


Q: What upcoming events do you have?


Ramy: We recently started our first acceleration program. This week we have our Demo Days, so I would invite you to visit our website,, that’s You will be able to know more of our 17 startups that we’re supporting and maybe look at some of the pitches and innovations that are solving in this part of the world.


Great, perfect, well, thank you so much!


Ramy: Thank you.

Check out Agrytech’s website.

Check out Berytech’s website.

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